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Access to Manufacturing process :- Individual Units perform mixing on open Mixing Mill. This dosen’t give uniform mixing of Raw Rubber with various other chemicals & agents to produce treated rubber which is further processed into various products. It increase the rejection rate.

Access to skilled workers :- Smaller Units not able to afford the wages of skilled worker. It is highly impossible to train the workers, to educate the new developments to workers due to constrains of funds.

Access to Markets & market Prospects :- Apart from need for standardization, quality control, packing and design, there are also constant threats from substitutes & cheap high quality and low priced imports, to the individual units. In the long run the units need to diversify into new products & cater to the charging needs & requirements of consumer.Small & micro units are unable to compete with corporate in terms of quantity, quality and rates. Also they cannot offer the flexible finance terms for supply of bulk orders.

Access to Finance :- The availability and adequate access to finance is of critical importance to each of the functional units. While financially stronger units having goods market demand and prospects are likely to have adequate access to finance from banks & other financial institutions, other are likely to face problems. A fairly large number individual units borrow money at very high interest rate from loan sharks and local money lenders and are drained off investable surpluses resulting in retarded growth.

There are three major types of pollution that these mixing units generate these are air pollution, water pollution & pollution caused by non-degradable toxic solid wastes. Non healthy atmosphere for worker. The carbon & chemicals dust in open mixing flies in open atmosphere and it insert in nose, through mouth and ear which causes the disease to worker.


To Establish Rubber Cluster, Aurangabad as a Competent resource for Rubber related Products at domestic as well as international level.


Enter into new market with improvement in quality and Testing.


1)To overcome quality problems in mixing – uniform mixing of rubber with other ingredients.

2)To overcome Pollution problem during the open mixing.

3)To Minimize the rejections of end products.

4)To maintain the healthy working atmosphere for workers.

5)To reduce the production cost of mixing.

6)To reduce the fly losses of material.

7)By installing the lab, easy to test the samples at regulars intervals as compare to presently sending the samples at IMRA, Thane.

8)For consistent Quality of products.

9)If the cluster located in and around already well established industrial areas may find it possible to attract skilled labour however a lot depends on the level of wages prevailing in these places and smaller units in the cluster may not be able to afford these wages. The only viable solution to this pressing problem is to create common facilities for upgrading the skills of the abundantly available unskilled labour. This has to be a collective effort as individual units may not be capable of taking up this task. This issue must be adequately addressed, as increasing capital intensity invoked by the use of advanced processes and technologies is likely to occur in cluster in the near future.



Rotary DIN Abrasion tester


IRHD Hardness Tester

GOODRID De Matia flexometer


" To test the rubber component of its curing properties along with the maximum and minimum Torque. "

" To Calculate mileage of Rubber Compound. "

" To test the compound for tensile strength, Modulus of compound "

" To find hardness of the compound. "

" To test crack growth of the compound. "

" Mixing of Rubber compound according to the given formulation by the customer in KA intermix of ALFRED HERBERT make "


" Rheometer Description "
" UTM Description "
IRHD Hardness Tester
" IRHD Hardness Tester Description "
Goodrich Flexometer
" Goodrich Flexometer "
Compound Mixing
" Compound Mixing "


1) The Rubber Cluster was Inaugurated on Friday, 08/09/2017 with the hands of Hon.Minister for Industries, Govt. of Maharashtra Mr. Subhashjji Desai & in the presence of Hon. Mr. Haribhau Bagde, President, Maharashtra Legislative Assembly.

2) Mr. Dr. Harshadip Kambale, Development Commissioner (Industries, Govt. of Maharashtra), M.P. Shri. Chandrakantji Khaire, MLA Mr. Atulji Save & Other dignities were present to felicitate the Inauguration Function.

3) Around 500 Industrialist, from various sectors, Businessman, Government Officials were present to Grace The Function.


Address :- Gut No 31,Jigthan TQ: Gangapur Dt:Aurangabad. Contact Number :- 0240-2484414. Email :-